Diana Dee Massage & Integrative Wellness Coaching
TRUE health is wellness on all levels!!!


What is Wellness Coaching? 

My health motto: "true health is wellness on all levels" means that health is not the absence of disease,

but rather,

balance between the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

This is the basis of wellness coaching, having someone to help you evaluate your current situation, formulate a plan for growth and do-able bite-sized changes, and help you implement it and tweak it until it becomes a part of your lifestyle.

Why should I try massage?

Massage therapy is a deliciously relaxing and therapeutic piece of a wellness lifestyle treating you to:

1. nurturing touch (which studies have shown in itself is healing),

2. therapeutic targeted techniques to address your health or pain concerns, and

3. a great way to soothe tensions and "reboot and recover" after a stressful week.

Studies show that non-sexual, nurturing touch such as what is received during massage actually delivers measurable health benefits including soothing the central nervous system, lowering blood pressure, increasing neurotransmitter production, regulating respiration, stimulating circulation and contributing to emotional well-being by helping you to relax deeply and feel terrific.